Arcadia Quest extra figures

Arcadia Quest as a game has gone down well with the local group – a couple of gaming sessions of it have been fun and enjoyed by all. This also triggered a general desire for me to paint more models so we have more option when it comes to playing again. So with that aim I targeted the 5 optional heroes I got in the original Kickstarter. You can see them all finished below.I partly (well maybe mainly) got Arcadia Quest as a painting challenge as the models look cool and are very different than the normal figs I paint. I did not know much about the game when getting the kickstarter but it seemed like a fun thing to paint and very different than the ‘normal stuff’ I paint. The all against all style without being too serious also is one of my favorite styles of game so that was interesting as well.

So I have been quite impressed on the final effects I have managed. Below are the close up’s of the different models. They are not competition style perfect which some people can achieve but on the table they do look rather good in my opinion. So I’m happy with them and have had some very nice comments from friends who have seen them in person – and are very good painters themselves, better than me anyway. I have but each one with their character card so you can see how I have matched the artwork with the figures.

The first of the lot for a close up is Bob – modeled after a certain Monty Python character I believe.img_1558

Next we have Nibbles – again I think the Arcadia Quest nod to Monty Pythons killer Bunny…img_1556




The base set has a ‘Conan style’ hero so here we have Grace Jones inspired fig to match.img_1557

Some of the additional set of hero characters (which I have still to paint) has Monkey and his wife from the eastern myths so here is Pigsy as a companion to those characters.img_1559





And lastly a Hydra lady. I found the skin tones and snakes particularly hard on this one but heck it seemed to come out ok in the end.



So there we are 5 more characters for Arcadia Quest all ready to play. In fact they have hit the table already, so I am late with this post really. We had fun playing with these a couple of weeks ago.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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