The Cardinal and the Highwayman 

I was tidying up my painting space (oh and yes it was desperately needed, so much so that I’m not going to show any pictures of it), when I found 2 more sets of Blue Moon 15mm Renaissance figs along with a single pack of 3 Essex figures. The Essex figs were for the same period. So rather than just put these back into storage I decided I would quickly finish these off to add to the figs I have done for the En Garde game. So here they are below. First the 3 Essex minaitures. These I think I got as part of a purchase of reduced price models when I was building up my ECW collection. However, they are a little early for that really so they work well for this. I decided to paint them up as more of the Cardinals Guard. After all they will need to numbers if fighting the 3 Musketeers, even on horseback.img_1676

Next we have the set of Highway robbers. There was one mounted figure and three dismounted. With the ‘bad guys’ I have already painted these should work to make a nice little faction for a 3rd player in games.

The highwaymen of the time were often out of work soldiers/sailors who had fallen on hard times. That allows them to be more skilled than the normal guard in the game. I must admit I like how these came out and they have a lot of character for 15mm figures. I also ensured that each of them has a slightly different colour coat as well as a different pose so as to aid differentiation on the table. The last pack had the Cardinal – Richelieu himself and likely a figure aimed to be “The Man from Meung”  i.e. Count de Rochefort. As I have already done one figure which could be that character with darker hair, I thought it right to give this one fair hair! These two can be great extra characters and plot items in games if need be. img_1679Lastly as part of the cardinal pack were three ladies. My guess is again these are aimed to characters in ‘the book’ for the period. Likely the Queen Anne, Constance and Milady de Winter. I tried to do the figures to a nice level so they stand out which I believe I achieved. These pictures for the blog makes them look a little primitive for final effects but in real life they look decent, especially for small scale gaming.Well there we are I did not expect to do any more of these but why not if they were there.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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