FIW British Militia Units

I have been under the weather with a bad flue for the last little while but thought I should post something as I’m starting to feel a little better now.

Back to one of my long term projects – French Indian wars in 15mm.Here we have have 2 units of British Militia from the ‘Canadian’ area. Well that’s my first take anyway, but they could equally be Loyalist forces in the American Revolution\Revolt. All the figures are from Blue Moon – who are my favorite manufacture for this period. These are a single pack so you can’t really complain on the number of figs which are in a pack for the price.

The first unit has a slightly odd colour jackets, but on purpose. Really wanted to do something a little different for them and from my understanding local units, or rather their commander choose the jacket material. So to make these stand out a little I went for a faded purple with red cuffs/turnbacks. That would have been a somewhat expensive dye at the time but heck makes them really stand out on the table. These guys are not likely to be hiding in the forest anyway so something which is different is nice to do. The command figures for the first regiment is above, along with a couple of troopers marching. Then below you can see the remaining 10 figures in the unit. For most games of the period (Sharpe Practice, Muskets and tomahawks etc) the 16 figures should allow me to field 1 large or 2 normal sized units with these.Then we have a second unit. These have a more traditional orange/red jacket with yellow cuffs/turnbacks. There are only 14 of these but again that’s enough for one if not 2 units for games. The flag bearers are really for display and likely will not be used that much but as they were in the pack they really needed to be done. These should be useful for providing a bit of resistance to the French and rebellious subject of his majesty in the colonies in games and provide an option which is not the normal red coat opponent.So more figs ready for FIW action.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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