MERCS:Recon civilians 

One of the games I have played a little this year was MERCS:Recon. I got this from the kickstarter project for the game, which came with a lot of extra miniatures. One of the things which did annoy me though in the basic game was that although there are plenty of miniatures in the base game it did not provide all the ‘basic miniatures’ which you need for the game. These were provided in the kickstarter but still, it seems a little odd that in the first play of the game we had a use a mixture of counters and miniatures for the game. Seemed a weird way for creating a board game with miniatures. But I guess the idea works if your just creating a game which will be a kickstarter seller. Mantic are the masters of this but it seems this company is a close second. Anyway, I decided that before we play again I’d paint up enough of the extra miniatures so I don’t need to use counters for models.

So here are the kickstarter specific ‘civilian’ models which are really needed in at the game. The first ones below are 6 special characters – many of which are used in specific missions in the game. Rather than try to paint them as any specific style for the game art I just kind of went with what I thought for these. All of them look fair specific and useful for modern games – they may come in useful in various games/scenario’s.I have done a reasonable job on these – definitely not to my best level but to a point that I am happy with. You also can see I continued to use the very basic basing which I have used for all the MERCS:Recon models that I have done.The next set of models are general office workers. In the MERCS:Recon game we found that especially at the low levels of security alert you needed a few of these and using counters just felt odd. They are the ones working in the office while your team is doing the ‘corporate raid’ mission. So having some models for them makes more sense. There are just 2 poses, one male and one female, but they at least give some variety. I can see these also being used for general civilians as well in games of Superheroes or even modern pulp settings. After all one scared person running away from the action is quite like another in most cases…Overall, the quality of the models are ok here. They are great but not that bad either. For inclusion in the kickstarter or for this game they are ok but if I were buying them completely separately I’d be a little disappointed – depending on the price per model of course. But that is impacted by the limit of my painting skills as well as there is a fair amount of detail in the modes really.

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