MERCS:Recon security level 1

As comented on the last post in MERS:Recon one of the big issues in the base game is that some of the basic figs for low level games are not included and you use counters for those. The kickstarter provided these figs and so this post is showing the painted up Security Level 1 figures which came with the kickstarter. These again mean that I’ll have no use for the counters as I’ll have figs for those levels now.

I decided to paint some blue as I have done the other security forces and some green. That gives the option of using the figures as two different forces or at least being easily able to differentiate between two groups with the same models. So first eight models in a grey/green style. You can see they are all the same pose, but I tried to give them different skin and hair colours.  The second set are just 6 – yes I decided to do a group of 8 and 6 vs. two groups of 7. These guys are based on the standard police/security blue theme. As I expect to use these more rather than the green ones, but you never know. I also included the 3 alternate pose models which came in the Kickstarter in this group. Again the models are ok – they have the typical plastic model issue in that the many of the details are not that pronounced so can be easy to either over or under paint. But asi seem to be painting more Cmon games these days I need to get better at painting these types of model.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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