FIW Rangers

Well the first post in 2017 so a Happy New Year to all. To start the new year I thought I’d go back to an old and existing project – the French Indian wars. Rangers were a vital and important part of the early wars in North America for the Western European powers in the 18th century. So no set of troop and battles would be complete without them. The French had their own style but the British formed ranger units – famous ones being  Rogers’ Rangers and the Queens Rangers.There were many companies of such forces both from those units and many others. They rarely were really formed into large formal units, small scale flexible structure was their style – using modern terminology. The cause was more from the personality based command and individual controlled enlistment/retention. But eventually these types of unit were understood to be a key factor in winning wars in the Canadian and North American forest wilderness.

Below you can see the 4 commanders I painted for Ranger troops. Three of them match the different ‘units’ below. So they can be the commander of one of those units as well. One is however painted differently to allow for a true overall commanding Ranger officer if needed. They are all the same pose but that likely helps identification on the table.First we have the smallest ranger unit I painted with just 7 figures. I can see the commanding figure from above being included in these to make an 8 man unit. These are not based on a specific unit but are similar to pictures I have seen. They have green attire, with blue cuffs and a green hat. Fairly good camouflage in the heavy forested wilderness I would think.Next are the real Rogers Rangers. 10 figures painted as many of the history books show them, They again have green coats with yellow cuffs. I suspect the real rangers were much less uniform than these in appearance but these work for game purposes.The black hats, leggings and cuff color are the big difference between these and the previous ones. I expect I’ll get them mixed up when used but in theory you and I can tell the difference by looking closely.Lastly are 10 figures painted up as one of the Ranger companies from Quebec city. This was a back and blue outfit. I suspect this worked well in the heavy Canadian forest, where light is not the greatest. It would also be great after dark. It’s quite a different look for troops of the period to have black uniforms so That is why wanted to paint these guys. As you can see I put some bushes on each of the bases of these figures. That was for the simple reason that it makes it easy to differentiate them from other troops. I think that works very well and gives them some character as well.I’ll have to get back to playing some FIW games soon I think.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Tim Herrmann says:

    Very nice painting. And the bases look way nicer than mine.

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