300th Post… A Deathjack done

I happened to log in and look at the stats page of WordPress and realized that is this my 300th post! All I can say is wow I never expected to be doing this for 6 years and produce this number of posts or feedback comments. I’m also very appreciative and thankful for the approx 65 people who get my blog via email and all those who look or read it online. I hope to continue to post interesting things if nothing else.

So with that said, I thought I should do something a little special in this post. I could have done an after action report but this week I played (and lost) 2 games of DBA and won a game of Commands and Colors Napoleonic. All are great games but I did not take any photos. Both DBA games were great but I lost one with a magnificent string of bad die rolls as well. <sigh> So that would not really work, thus I decided I’ll show off my latest and so far biggest Warmachine figures. This is a huge model and it’s taken me some time i.e. a good 2 months off and on on the painting table to get it finished. It felt like I would never end. It is big with it standing approx 4″ tall and it’s arm spam is wider.

This is also a great fig for a nasty superhero or pulp baddy. It could be as a separate model or as part of a larger force. It just does not look like a thinker though, so in such context it’s a mad beast or under the power of a larger force.

This was actually a very difficult model to put together as well as paint and photograph. It’s big and awkward. So you have a few more shots than normal for a model from me in this post.

I got this model with the large swap for most of my Cryx force. It was put together but when looking online I realized it was missing quite a few bits. I had to send to Privateer press for replacements of the missing parts. I suspect I still might have missed a few bits, but it looks good to me as it is now. I will mention that the Privateer Press bits ordering system definitely gets a thumbs up from me as they allowed me to get the missing pieces at a reasonable price and provided the bits in good time.

I guess I’ll find out at some point how good it is in Warmahordes as I do plan to spend some time looking again at the V3 rules. I did get the new card deck and PDF rules so should trying it out. I still love the models though which keeps me painting them even though I don’t play the game that they come from – at present.

Below is an example of a pulp alley terror write up for this model. That’s again for my Warmachine version of those rules. This is just one example but it would certainly be a tough challenge for most leagues (player groups) as it’s obviously a close combat monster which would be hard to overcome.

Terror – HellJack
Brawl   4d12   Shoot    –   Dodge  4d8    Might   3d12    Finesse   3d6   Cunning    2d10  Health   d12
Abilities: Giant (in the stats – may be targeted by direct fire), Animal (in stats), Grappler (lower level enemies must pass a might test to fight, otherwise they can only dodge – even if attacking), Indomitable (may re-roll one Recovery check per turn), Hardboiled (targets receive -1d Dodge penalty), Reach (fight with Brawl within 3″), Muscles of Steel (Brawl and Might are not reduced due to injuries), Crafty (once per turn may re-roll one Dodge or Cunning roll).

So lastly a couple more shots from different angles just to finish off this post.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to 300th Post… A Deathjack done

  1. Congrats you your 300th post, a great piece again and the Helljack is a suitably impressive model for this milestone. Keep up the good and interesting work😀

  2. Ernie Reimer says:

    Congratz on sticking with the blog ! and painting models 🙂
    that’s a very impressive ‘jack , good work on the paint , you keep improving .

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