More 1930’s Gangsters

Well I have made very little progress on actually playing a game with these figures but here are the remaining gangsters from the Blue Moon Gangster pack. There was little to do but finish the pack as I had started it and shown the first half previously. I apologies for the picture quality – taking shots in the winter sun can be challenging to get a decent shot it seems. Also a few of these models have a ‘too heavy’ coat of varnish. It’s too easy at times of put too much on trying to protect them with paint on varnish.

The gang members at this time had no colours or themes per say (so no Bloods and Crips style gang colours) and they would wear what they wanted. So these guys are painted up in what I believe is ordinary 1930’s clothing. Nothing too flash though apart from the boss as most would not be very rich. img_1533Talking of flash though here is a gang leader. Unfortunately the photos did not come out that well but hopefully you can see enough to show he is in a long white/grey coat with fur trim. I think it’s easy to guess who they were aiming this model after (big Al Capone) and I think it works quite well really. I did the lady in slightly brighter outfit than others – a gangsters moll as they were called to go along with the rest of the crew. But with a gun she is more business like than anything.

In trying to get some better shots of the models, I took some closer up shots. So below are small groups of the gangster models. The basing again is very simple for these models. Flock etc always looks great and helps make many models really stand out but the problem with that is for this period it really does not work. These guys made their money in the urban jungle not an area well known from loads of grass etc. Some urban sprawl/trash would be great but I decided I’m not that into this period and scale to try to custom create that. So they are pain for now.All mounted on pennies which allows them to stand up nicely and have some space between models. I put magnets on the base allowing them to be stored in old biscuit tins. Recycling the tins is useful for storage and a great excuse for buying those good quality biscuits which come in metal tins.As well as pistols the models do have a decent selection of tommy guns and shotguns so they are not going to be overmatched by the police. The figures are nice and as usual I give Blue Moon credit for the variety of poses in one pack. That’s impressive. As you can see I have done most in the darker shades as I assume those types of suits or jackets etc would be what the normal population wore. That’s what I see from many photo’s etc of the period and even TV shows.  I don’t think lots of bright colours like we have now were common for outer ware in the 20’s and 30’s for men especially. But I have done at least one in a better outfit, the ‘dapper’ guy below in a blue jackets and white slacks.Not sure when I’ll get these guys out on the table but I’m slowly building a reasonable collection of them anyway.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to More 1930’s Gangsters

  1. Tim Herrmann says:

    Just finished a bunch of these for a friend. I went a lot more colorful, but i like how you did yours. Probably more realistic than my more cartoony ones.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks. There is always a temptation to do bright colours and they then pop on the table which is nice for smaller figs but your right I tried to resist that with these.

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