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Super Dungeon eXplore (SDX) dragons

For a long time I wanted to buy and paint the game Super Dungeon Explore. It’s often referred too as SDX for short, and yes that’s the reason for the weird capitalization on the title. So a few years ago I … Continue reading

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MERCS:Recon security level 4

Here are the last of the security force figs. Here we have the hardest dudes which you can face in the MERCS:Recon game. The Kickstarter gave me 7 of these and I decided they were hard enough to justify some … Continue reading

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Hills and a building for smaller scale games

Continuing my work on terrain, I have finished some hills for games of 15mm or smaller scale games. These are not tall enough for 28mm games but are perfect for small scale games. All of the are roughly 10 or … Continue reading

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Terrain focused weekend results

This last weekend I decided I would spend a little time working on some terrain projects. I have been very slowly building up my own terrain collection but end up using the clubs a lot.  I really do need to spend … Continue reading

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