Terrain focused weekend results

This last weekend I decided I would spend a little time working on some terrain projects. I have been very slowly building up my own terrain collection but end up using the clubs a lot.  I really do need to spend some more time getting my own stuff done and this may be a start. I’m far from a terrain building expert but I will show the results of my work.

First the easy stuff. I got an Ikea door matt a few weeks ago and cut that up into pieces with a craft knife to make ripe wheat fields. These are the easiest terrain to produce and all you need is a the simple mat. I found a reasonable price one at Ikea – which has rubber backing. Below you can see the pieces in their storage container. I cut them into roughly 5″ x 10″ or 5″ x 5″ (roughly 22cm by 44 cm) which fit into the storage container perfectly and will also work for various rules systems. I have a few bits left over, which I’ll see if I can do some other things with later. They may make reasonable bamboo clumps or something, we’ll see.Another thing I did was take one of my ground cloth sheets and mark it with 6″ square. This is useful for various games – Peter Pig and To the Strongest use such marking as an exmaple. You can see a shot of this below. This was done with a simple sharpe pen and a long ruler. The only advice I would give is make sure that you have something under the sheet, as at least in my case the pen ink went through the fabric. Good job I tested and did have something under it (a cutting board). Getting red dots on the dining room table would not be good!  Note, the red dots are not so obvious in real life so this should work ok. The sheet was 5 foot by 3, which is especially good the Peter Pig rules but not so great for some others. I may have to do another bigger one (4 by 8 or so) but this will get me started.Lastly, and most creatively, I made a few patches of rough ground. I took 4 old CD ROM’s and using some left over tile glue as well as various grades of sand and rock created some interesting rocky patches. Each one is a little different but the larger stone pieces do seem to finish them off nicely. These will be good throw terrain and also can be used in the above squares if needed. Lets be honest they look pretty rough so I don’t expect many formed units to be going through them.Overall, I like the way these have come out and you can see the scale of them with a couple of my 15mm English Civil War figs below. These are designed to be English rough area’s and will work with some of the games I’m putting together – espeically English Civil War and Dark Age stuff. Well there we are. Not that impressive but at the same time two types of terrain for various games. I also started some rough hills so we’ll see how those end in anther post. In the future may also try to do a few Asian rough pieces… I’m still thinking about what they would look like though.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to Terrain focused weekend results

  1. Tim Herrmann says:

    Some pretty good ideas there. Now I have to make some rough terrain CDs for my desert/wild west boards. Visual inspiration is a great motivator. Thanks!

    • mellis1644 says:

      Yeah the old CD as bases work nicely for some terrain. I have seen people use them as bases for woods as well. Wild West rough terrain is a great idea as well – may have to do that myself.

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Nice work. We’ve got some of the old doormat wheat fields too. The only thing that I find frustrating about them is the miniatures have to perch atop the stalks which looks a bit odd. Still, it’s hardly the only part of wargaming requiring a bit of make-believe (the other notable part is ‘yes, I’m sure I can paint all of these miniatures’).

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks and your right with the later make belief part. I keep saying if nothing else I’m buying toys for my retirement (which is a good 15 years away unless I get very lucky)… The doormats may also be bamboo patches in Vietnam.

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