Super Dungeon eXplore (SDX) dragons

For a long time I wanted to buy and paint the game Super Dungeon Explore. It’s often referred too as SDX for short, and yes that’s the reason for the weird capitalization on the title. So a few years ago I did buy it, but never painted it. The reason for wanting it was as much for the painting challenge as for the game itself. When I finally did buy the game it was not long after that the Arcadia Quest Kickstarter occurred and then that took my priority for this type if game. I have already started painting that and have finished the base game of that. Well it’s sat in my cupboard for a while and I decided it was time to get this painted – or get rid of it.

So I have started to paint the base game. I have expansions as well, of course, but first things first. I was going to use this as a training exercise of Chibi style painting before I painted the Arcadia Quest figs but that did not work out as planned – as I have started that so no excuse really not to just bite the bullet and do it.

So here are the first set of monsters for the game – the dragons. You can see them all below.
For a first close up let’s look at the big monster – the big dragon. You can see a coupe of pictures below of this. I’m actually quite pleased with how this came out in the end. There is not that much texture in the sculpt and I’m sure I could have spent more time on the blending etc but wanted a fun and dynamic look to the figure.img_1912

img_1913Next we have the spawning point for them in the game. The card artwork has this quite a purple theme so I stayed with that. I really question my results on the egg shells but it sort of works. Definitely won’t win any prizes but at the same time it’s different and kind of fun.

The game has all these figures as a single group of monsters which come from this spawning point – very much like those 80’s video games which the models and the game is all based upon.

Below are 2 bases of hatchlings.I find these models quite cute really and to be honest they were not that hard to paint. It likely is not a great thing to be going around killing little cute baby monsters but heck that’s what the game is all about…Next we have 2 slightly older baby dragons. Again a fun Cibi look to my mind. Looks like the models have quite an attitude which is fun.Lastly, these two small flying dragon things. Not really sure what they are other than another set of models to paint in the dragon group of monsters.So there we are, my first set of SDX figs. Soon, I hope to let you know how the game plays. Yes this is a victim to my usual silliness – I won’t play the game till all the toys have been painted.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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