First set of SDX heroes

Well  a couple of weeks ago I showed the Super Dungeon Explore (SDX) Dragons. So now it’s time to show the first of the heroes for the game. There are 8 heroes so I’ll have 2 posts on them, this being the first. Note, I tried to do some interesting formatting of pictures into this post, so if it does not work when you display it then it’s my fault. Also, I have to say these models do look a little better in person than in some of the photo’s here – well I think so anyway. The camera can be a hard mistress at times.

So after all the warnings/notes, below you can see the full set. I’m not sure of the models names but I tried hard to match the colours used to the cards which come with the game so it’s easy to see which model is which. The colours are not exact – but they are good enough. Again, I have to praise the game manufactures for  making the cards have game artwork so that mediocre painters like myself can do our thing and match that. Some games have pictures of great paint jobs which can be harder to match.img_2072img_2071You can see that there are 5 models here and that’s because the first model can be in two forms – yes he’s a shapeshifter. He can be either a human (shown below) or a bear (above/to the side of this). So both these models count as a single hero.

I must admit trying to get the bear so it looked good but still was the white/cream color of the cards was tough. I think I have done a reasonable job of that. I am vey happy with how the bears face came out though. The human version has a bit of a Barbarian theme but overall has an interesting look to it. Now don’t ask me how the player swaps between the various models as I have no clue – yet again I’m painting models for a game which I have not read the rules for yet, but anyone who reads this or knows me will not be shocked at that.

Oh also, I have not done a back shot of this model as to be honest it’s vey similar to the bear above.I guess I could have included it but heck you get the idea.

The next figure is a female human wizard. It’s a fun looking model and seems to echo the very spirt in which all the SDX series seems to come with. The shading I did on the red has not come out that well but I’m still ok with the results overall.

The final effect is nice in my opinion but maybe I could have done a lighter shade on the gold. But this works and she looks like she could be trouble in the adventure.

The next fig is one I had the most problems with of all these models. The colours scheme is deep purples with a much lighter hair color. It’s  another female (a cat/demon girl of some kind – I guess a thief/assassin type) and this one is wearing a black bodice or some such thing. This all makes for a model with very little contrast for painting and the camera.  Also the pose is one which makes just a normal photograph quite tough to do.

The flesh on the model is so small in the scale of things that I found I just did not like the results of my first attempt. But I persisted. What you see here is a modified version of that. I have tried to highlight and pick out the purples and bring them up so the figure has more definition. It’s not wonderful but that’s about as good as I get without a lot more time and effort – which I was not willing to spend on plastic game pieces of a game like this which I will use only rarely.

Lastly for this set we have the ‘elf’ warrior – the final model in this group and one which has a definite and unique style to her. I tried to do this so that the colours match the card but I believe I went slightly wrong with the final highlight, making the cloak more green vs. a bright shade. This actually works quite well IMO though and so left it vs. trying to fix the issue. It just gives a more dirty appearance.
So there we are, I’m making progress on this while playing and working on other projects.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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