A Church, a House, a Pond and a body 

The above is like one of the titles in an old tv detective show. It’s not though- it’s a description of this post’s content. In planning my game to hothead (more on that in a later blog) I decided I needed more terrain. Thus, I dug out the 15mm buildings that I bought and stored a while back. My game really needs a theme terrain piece and I have the perfect thing – a church. So below you can see the 4Ground church, and churchyard all set up. I’ll be using this for the central piece of the game and it will be the focus of fighting for at least 4 of the players in an 8 player game. That should keep them busy.Two of the players will be focused on controlling the church, while two others will be aiming to collect the body – shown below. This poor soul has been defenestrated from the building. That means ‘a person being thrown out of the window’ by the way. That’s a very 17th century way of showing one’s displeasure. You can see the body below – which is actually a converted FoW Soviet casualty.I also have cut up a load of thick felt sections to provide surface area markers for woods and rough ground area’s. These are in a couple of colours and have beeen added to my existing collection which include brown sections that can be used for towns etc. 

Talking of the towns I also completed a third building for the period. This is another 4ground model. So I should have a little village for 2 other players to fight through looking for perpetrators of the defenestration.Another of the interesting items I have dug out are the gale force 9 ponds. These are nice and will provide a few terrain area’s which stop movement. I have to say these are cool pieces and should be usable for any scale. I was tempted to add extra paint to them, but as they come the ponds can easily used for normal green field games as well as for frostgrave and cold terrain areas. Not perfect for either but not that bad either. In my aim to build up a good collection of terrain that I own vs the club this is another good step forward.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to A Church, a House, a Pond and a body 

  1. Nice. I particularly like the “defenstrated” chap. Poor bastard.

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