More terrain – rocks, hills and woods

I’m working on terrain for the game that I’m running at Hotlead show in Stratford, Ontario this weekend (the 25th of March). It’s one of the biggest wargame shows in the area and although I have been going for quite a few years and helped other run games before this is the first time I’ll be officially running one there. So as I’m doing a large table with 8 players in a Pikeman’s lament scenario. I’ll post the sides and hopefully some pictures from the game after it’s done. Yes this month is getting quite a few blog posts it seems.

However, I really needed some more things to put on the table terrain wise. So, here is the collection of new hills I have with a 15mm figure on a penny for scale.First we have three rough hills and rocks from Battlefield Terrain Concepts – I got these a few years ago while at cold wars but this has been a perfect excuse/reason to finish them. Overall, they painted up really easily and have come out fairly well. They give me some more options for hills – well rough ones at least. I painted & varnished these as I got them just as unpainted (to save cash). They should work for all scales of models as well which is nice.Next we have a couple of hills/rough terrain from Gale force 9’s Battlefield in a Box set. A local store had these on sale and so I could not resist. I was tempted to add some flock to these but likely won’t. The way they are now is perfect for their use in games such as this as well as for Frostgrave and other cold weather games. Maybe even more urban games which have some rough rock showing. So they’ll stay unflocked – but they have had a highlight or two of paint to help them.Following on from that, what would a table be without some trees/forest area. I have some trees but not too many in my terrain collection. So first we have some CD’s converted into wooded area’s using some railway model trees. These are the bend and put flock/sponge on variety and  work well for 15mm games and maybe smaller. They are not the most stable but should be ok and are easy to repair. They are too small for 28mm scale trees but will work for bush area’s I guess in that scale. This is my first time doing these and I was quite happy how these have come out. The next set to show has two more CD’s and 3 platicard random bits. So that’s 9 small wood area’s to use.Lastly, I also have 25 slightly larger trees on various base sizes, which can be used for 15mm and even smaller scales. You can see them below. These are agin bought from model railway suppliers and these are a little more study. I have left the bases plane but may return and do a little more with them at some point.As can be seen these are sold for HO scale railroads so they even work for 28mm figures. For 28mm games I likely need to invest in a few even bigger trees but these at least are not too bad.These in combination with the other items I have should (I hope) allow me to provide plenty of cover on my 12 x 5 foot table – we’ll see. They also provide a decent selection of terrain for any game I want to run myself at home.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to More terrain – rocks, hills and woods

  1. A good selection of effective, hardy terrain that will be perfect for participation games.

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