Hotlead show report 2017

So another Hothead show has been and gone. This is the biggest show in Ontario and definitely one which I would recommend anyone who is into miniature gaming in the area visit. It has a decent number of vendors, a very busy bring and buy stall and a load of participation games. All of which mean that this is really a hobby haven for warmers and those who like miniature toys on the table.

This year I added some items to the bring and buy, I decided to get rid of my Dystopian Wars stuff. Although I liked the models we had not played that in over 2 years and so rather than keep them I’ll let someone else get the fun out of those. Of course I did put a dent amount of things on the bring and buy as well, adding to my collection of WW2 German stuff to paint, as well as some renaissance and peninsular war 15mm figs. In the end nearly all of the stuff I put out sold, so I came out about even money wise. In the end I spent the morning session looking at the bring and buy, catching up with people and walking around the various tables taking in the spectacle. It may not be everyones cup of tea but I must admit I enjoyed that, so what the heck.

For lunch we (as always) went to a local gourmet burger place called Boomers. I had a car full of people who got a lift but it’s just 5 minutes down the road. Well worth the drive and quick as well.

In the afternoon I played a Check Your 6! game in WW2 run by a veteran GM. This was a late war dogfight which had 12 players and the GM around the table. In the end I shot down 2 Germans (one of them an ME262) but lost my green pilot to a bad move by me, Then my remaining pilot ran out of ammo and dived out of the game to fight another day. This somewhat early departure, although somewhat successful, allowed me one last chance to check out the bring and buy and well <sigh> that allowed me to buy some more stuff.

In the evening I ran an 8 player participation game of Pikeman’s Lament on a 12 x 5 foot table. All the players were new to the system and most had not played any of the ‘rampant rules’. Overall, the game finished in just over 3 hours with lots of frantic activity and a victorious side as well as a single player. It was hard game to run but fun. Below is a picture of the board. I’ll do a separate post with more details of this game in a week or so, as I did learn a few things about doing such games with these rules.img_2333To show a sample of the games available and the quality of them I have added some photo’s below. All games shown were participation games, as were over 90% of the games at the show. The rest were tournaments from what I understand. I did not take photo’s of all the tables but this is a good sample. Sorry if I missed your game. You can click on any of them to see a bigger version of the picture. These include Blucher, Dux Brit, Shako 2, pulp games, IABSM, Bolt Action, DBR and many others.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Hotlead show report 2017

  1. cptshandy says:

    Nice games, very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  2. B says:

    awesome Report, thanks!

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