6mm Celtic/Dark Age camps

I had hoped to write up some thoughts on my games of Pikeman’s Lament and post those but work and personal life have not made that possible yet. That post will happen but it’s not done yet. So here is a quick post on some stuff I have finished painting as a distraction from the other stuff.

One of the things which I have been missing for my 6mm dark age forces has been some camps. I have been planning on making some and maybe still will. However, in one of the local stores I found three Baccus Celtic buildings in their second hand section. They were there in with the 10mm Epic/warmaster stuff but I recognized what they really were straight away. As these will work very well for simple camps for my armies I could not resist picking them up and painting them. So here we are.

I have done these in a fairly simple manner but they work for what I need in for the late period romans and their opponents in Britain. They will allow me to have camps in such games without any effort now. They will also work for a town/urban area if I need one for that period and scale.

So there we are a quick update this week. You can see all three of them below here:


Now a few separate shots of them one at a time and in a little more close up. The give away that these are the Baccus figures are the bases which you can see separated out in the last of these pictures.


Overall these are fun models and a great little addition to my 6mm collection. Now if only I can finish the some bases for real camps as well that would be even better.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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