SDX heroes second set

Well I have been posting different themes recently especially on the terrain I was making etc so I think it may be time to go back and show a few more pictures of some board game mini’s which are ready for the table. This is especially as I’m still on vacation so all my hobby stuff and usual plans/timing for these things is disrupted. Below are the second and last set of heroes from the SDX super dungeon explore base game. Overall, these are not as nice models as the Arcadia Quest ones but are not bad. First a shot of all 4 models together. All are the Chibi style but still approx 28mm tall.I have tried to keep to the colours on the cards etc for the game so it should be easy to work out which model is which in the game. The first is knight. I have added a couple of smaller shots which you can click on to see other angles as well. Overall, I’m happy with how this guy came out.img_2061img_2060img_2059Next we have female magic user. I found the colours on the card quite hard to replicate but in the end it came out decent. The face definitely seemed to pop on this one so I am happy with that. Th mix of pink, purple and blue is unusual but seems to work.
img_2058The outfit can be seen much better from the back so here is a shot from that angle.img_2056Next we have a female Barbarian with a large axe. Her look is different to most figs and I again was very happy with the final result.
img_2055You can see she has the classic fantasy two piece bikini – but for this model it is not really that extreme.img_2052I do like this last fig. The figure and colours are I think my favourite of all the heroes in the base game.
He is of course the not forgotten dwarf hero. What game would be complete if it not have one of those!img_2053Finally, what would dungeon heroes be without some loot at collect. So below are the painted treasure chests in the game. First the normal ones and then the 2 monster ones which are out to eat the heroes, not give them loot for free.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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