Frontiersmen from the FIW

Recently I have been posting quite about about painting board gaming miniatures while showing 15mm after action reports of games. So I guess I should show a few more 15mm figs that I have finished. That’s so that when I start showing my next gaming project reports with these there is not a flurry of them. To be honest I finished these a month or so ago but did not get round to posting them till now. I am working on another big project (or two) but don’t have anything completed on those yet to show.

These are part of a long time background project of mine – which is the French Indian Wars in 15mm. I must admit I enjoy painting this scale but also this size of figure on a table does give a more empty battlefield look which is really what those wars should have. Most fights I’m going to reflect were large skirmish engagements and North American landscape was fair empty where they fought… just lots of beautiful lakes and forests.

Many of the white settlers in this period were independent characters. Although they fought in the wars as rangers or just to defend their own lands/themselves they would not be uniformed or follow any particular style of clothing. They wore was what worked and what they liked for hunting and fishing which we’re key bits of their liveilhoods.Shown here is the Blue Moon frontiersman pack all painted up. It contains 30 nice figures with a great selection of poses. This is perfect for this period and the figs can be used for a variety of units/forces. I kept the colours all very earthy and I hope somewhat realistic. Yes there are a few bright colours here and there but nothing too much.In all these smaller shots each figure is just shown once in ‘close up’ so you can see it in a little more detail.  This allows me to show them all without creating too long a post.I put a decent amount of bushes on the bases as that seems to look right and work with these figures. The bases are pennies (Canadian and US) , with a small magnetic patch under each to help them stay in the packing boxes I use for storage.
Even with a repeat of some of the poses – which is understandable in this number and scale, painting them up like this means that each figs does look different and so provides a full group of individual figures. I also like that not all of these guys have tricorns. Although a common hat for the period I  believe there were many other styles worn, especially when you started to get out of the highly populated areas. Overall, I have to say I’m quite happy as to how these have come out. They should be useful in various games for the 18th century.So there we are another set of figs ready for FIW gaming. I have not done much of that recently but I do hope to in the future.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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