FIW Forest Indians

With last weeks post on the rural frontiersmen of the European colonists, it just seemed fair to show some more of the natives they would be facing in the wilderness. So here we have another pack of the Blue moon indians.

I have to say I really like this range and the models paint up really nicely. Sure they are not 28mm but at 18mm it means they can have a load more done in a reasonable time. They also store much better so that’s the reason that I decided to do this project in this scale. I really like 28mm skirmish games but these FIW games are really in the 30 to 60 figs per side – if not more. For larger games as well this should give a better number of figs on a reasonable sized table without it looking too crowded.I put a good amount of bushed on the bases as these guys really like cover. They need to use that a lot for their best historical tactics. As normal below are the individual shots of the models in detail. One each for the 30 figures in the pack.As you can see these ones I did face painting as that was common for the native tribes for the Northern US states, Quebec and Ontario regions. I’m not such a great painter to do really precise jobs but I am still happy with how they have come out.I did a few different colours of face paints – reds and the blues. These could be separate units or just different styles. This also differentiates them from the pervious indian models which I did not put any face paint on. As normal with Blue moon figs there is a good selection of poses which makes painting these much easier. They are quite a nice set of figs to paint and I recommend them for anyone interested in the period.
I tried to keep the clothing colours in a natural tone level for the most part, so that there is nothing too bright. From my understanding they did like to add some bright colors to their outfits, so I added some of those item to the models as well.
I have to say it took a little effort to make sure that each of the facial paint jobs were different. It’s to ensure that each one is unique as I doubt any of them in real life repeated face paint or clothing.Interestingly, there was only one bowman and one war club welder in the pack. These will make good commanders or figures of note in the different units.The leader/officer though has to be the guy below with the axe. I really like that pose and model so that makes it nice and simple who is the leader.So there we are. Another good group of figs for FIW war games such as Muskets and Tomahawks.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Cool man, I like the warpaint.

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