Sandy hills for gaming

Ok so back to a terrain project. As I have mentioned in the past I want to continue to build out my own terrain collection. Earlier this year I did some small height hills – perfect for 15mm games but thought I would have a go at making some taller ones. As with all my projects for terrain making I’m kind of making these up as I go along so I’m no expert- as you can likely tell. I also find I just want to do it vs. read/watch loads of how-to things for these simple projects.

A lot of my 28mm and some other table top projects are more desert sci-fi style games (cowboys, malifaux and even the necomunda -and you never know maybe the new 40k). So I thought I’d try to do some hills for that type of game. They may even be useful for the Russian front for ww2 games at a push. The colours are good for desert/sandy regions – no lush green grass of Western Europe here. First the shot of them is most of them their storage container. After all there is no point having these and not having an easy way to store them and move them to the games I want to play. Now I did make a mistake and made one extra large. This  is too big for my storage container and would not fit anyway as that’s filled with the others. That’s shown below and will have to be stored separately.These will provide a good selection of hills and cover approx a 2 by 3 foot table area for gaming. I used some models – a Malifaux one, a GW chaos warrior and a 15mm Soviet base to show the scale and size of the the hills in the pictures.
They are all made from pink insolation foam board and I used left over house paint. I basically cut the pieces with a craft knife and then sanded the rough sections down. I tried a few different ‘paint colours and techniques’ for the coverage to make the them different. I though about adding some sand texture but in the end decided they were ok as they are. 
Although not the greatest they should do ok providing some extra height in games.
I made some smaller pieces so I can stack them if needed as well. That should allow them to have a bit more usability.So there we are – in many of those old cowboy movies the hills were where the bad guys hung out – so now I’ll be able to do some games there as well.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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