The WW2 German project starts moving

As you may tell from this blog I usually do one ‘big’ project a year – thus trying to get a large army or force done. Then I do other painting projects to keep my from better ‘fed up’ with just doing that single project. This allows me to get things done and finish big projects but also keep the creative juices going with smaller one off painting project. So time to start a new big project – and this one is WW2 Germans in 15mm.

I have had this as a target as an army for <cough> 15+ years and slowly been building up the toys to paint. I have a large Soviet force for WW2 (Flames of War based with some individual based figs) so the first aim is to get a force to match that. With matching forces it’s much easier to get games etc. In the end I want my Germans to be able to be used for all the war – so yes that will need different armor especially and maybe even some guns but I think I can get way with the the same infantry for most of the war. I do have a platoon or two of individual based 15mm figs and a few vehicles already done and used for 15mm Bold Action – you can see them here.

So the first completed set I’ll show off on this new project are 5 Panthers and a couple of Stug G’s. These are all battlefront miniatures – the Stugs the resin ones from one of the old FoW starter sets and the Panthers from early kits – the metal and plastic combination kits.I don’t own or use an airbrush – I have enough trouble with standard brushes and the techniques. So all these are just old fashioned brush painted. The camo style is one I found online for some of the Kursk tank units. I’m not sure how long it really was used but German WW2 armor paint camouflage seems to have lacked consistency so this should be ok. I will continue to use this or variations of it for the late armor came for most of my force. I like the finished dirty look to the models as well. That hides any imperfections as well.

The paint scheme is different enough from any allied one. You’ll note that I decided not to use decals on the tanks. I find them fiddly and although more accurate they do limit the combination of tanks I can use. I might put some numbers on the turrets but likely won’t.The Stugs are significantly smaller than the Panther which you can see here, but I believe were a lot more common. Not as fashionable for gamers but more useful in a historical context. The models also have taken some damage over the years with their protective sides but I have left that rather than trying to repair it, I doubt any repair would hold anyway. So there we are. You’ll be seeing a load more WW2 15mm stuff in the coming couple of months as I slowly finish more of these.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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