First German WW2 infantry

So time to show off the first of my German infantry. You can see the basing and paint colours that I have decided upon for them. That makes this post the first to highlight this. I tried various colours but in the end went with the Flames of War recommended paints for the models. That’s for the uniform and helmets. I used my standard black and metals etc i did not need to buy any more paints for them. I tried various colours and was not really happy with them so decided to use these. They still look a little green to me but heck I’m sure that they know the right shades better than me. It does make the figures pretty plane but I guess that’s what they were like.

The movies tend to make the German uniform more grey than green – which is where most of my personal information comes from. But we all know how unreliable Hollywood is, so I need to really use other sources. The uniforms I have seen in museums often have a lot of fading.  Checking books and the Net shows this colour is fairly close to reality. So that’s why in the end I used it.I have 2 platoons of figures here – or nearly that as you’ll see a some of the figs have been put on smaller bases, but for this post I just have used the standard flames of war bases. They make a nice size for 5 figures and that’s a good core for most units.The basing style is a new combination for me. I tried a mix of various flock and static grass, mixing some very light colours with deep reds.. My idea was to give an impression of grassy planes which can even be close to English moors of the Russian step in the fall. This was done  especially thinking of the grasslands around Stalingrad and in the Crimea. I think this also looks ok for early spring work. I was concerned if the lighter areas would work out but I think it looks ok in the end. However, let’s be honest I’ll use these figs for all conflicts even the basing is slightly off for them.As mentioned I do plan on using these for German forces all the way from Poland through tot the fall of Berlin. In theory the colours and uniforms are mid war- 41 to 43 or so. But I doubt at this scale anyone will notice the green vs blue trousers for the early war. In the late war the cut of the uniform changes slightly and there were no Jack boots. Camouflage coats started to be issues a lot more as well. That said, the Germans did have troops with these standard uniforms right unlit the end of the war. So there is no great issue with using these all throughout the European  campaigns. Also as these are 15mm so I’m not really worried about those differences as it takes close inspection to see many if the differences..Much of the German kit such as the webbing was black or dark green so I used those colours. I have to say though that those colours do blend into the uniforms though. So it makes the details on the figs harder to see at normal table top playing distances. Overall, though I’m happy how these figures have come out.There are more to come as well but these should give you a good view of the force. In fact there are enough figs here for most games I want to play! 


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to First German WW2 infantry

  1. Nice progress.

    I use the same Germans for the entire war. If anyone ever said anything, I would suggest they pony up for more models and painting for me! ; )

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks an I agree. In 15mm scale the differences in uniforms is just not worth it. I’m doing ‘late’ and ‘early’ paint jobs on the vehicles though.

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