Individual based German infantry

Well last post I showed the large based infantry for the German army that I have been working on. I’m planning to use this force for Battlegroup and Chain of Command and so need individual based figures as well as the larger movement groups. So in this post I show a platoon of individual or smaller groups of based figures. As normal when I do these types of posts, it’s just a single picture of each model/base. Unlike the posts of bigger units I don’t do shots from different angles as that would make these posts too picture heavy. They have enough pictures already.You can also get a better view of the detail on the models that I have done with these photo’s. They are not perfect and won’t win any awards but are pretty good wargame table standard. The figs are from 2 different battlefront platoons packs – one which was a normal mid/full war one and one with long overcoats. That mix should work well with the basing style, with that being in the Autumn/early Spring before things grow a lot. Even though all these are all Germans (obviously caucasians) I still tried to vary the skin tone by varying the strength of the wash and the highlights that I used on the flesh. Some of that is habit and by plan, and to be honest some is by accident which I like and then try to keep. A few came out a little too pink if I was being critical but it’s ok and I will leave them now.I went with a darker green for the overcoat vs. a more grey color. The light grey seems to be typical hollywood color. I guess as it stands out more but my reseach indicated that dark green/grey was also quite common. This fitted better with the other uniforms so I went with that.I based some of the MMG figs in 2’s as shown at the start of this post but the other are all on penny’s so that can be the separate. These were common and powerful in the German squads and so I needed to ensure that there were enough of them on the larger bases as well as separate. This provides plenty of flexibility when making units. Although in 15mm WYSIWYG is always a little hard to do. Most if the poses are generic enough and realistic so can’t really complain about them. As these are the first generation of Battlefront figures (yes I have had these that long) I’m happy with them.I already have a platoon of late war painted Germans so mixing these in with them will provide a good selection of figs.You may have noticed some of the trench coated models on the larger base last time as well. I purposely did that to vary the figures and add some extra variety on bases as well.This last set has the officer in an overcoat and a hiding/prone figure. They will be useful in games and do make different figures than you normally see in single figure poses.Lastly, a wounded figure pose and a commander. This photo is a little too close in reality for 15mm figs but heck. The wounded models are from the crew of one of the tanks – they used to do that to show the bailed out crew.So there we the Germans are making their way to the table.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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