Remaining WW2 German infantry 

So after two posts on the German infantry  – the medium flames of war bases and the individual based ones it only seems fair to finish this with a third covering the remaining infantry bases that I have done.

So this post shows the remaining basic infantry figure bases I have completed. First a couple of shots of a German engineering platoon from a FoW pack. The big difference in these is they are based 4 figs to a base not the 5 of the standard infantry platoon. They have a collection of extra kit and anti-tank grenades but in 15mm it’s not that obvious.The basing in 4’s alone should make them valuable to some degree in my creation of units. They will be useful for some size squads in battlegroup/chain of command. The above picture shows the faces quite nicely so I used it, even though the one below highlights the basing much better. This breaks my usual style of a single fig per base in these posts but so keck I liked both shots.Then to round out the remaining figures I based them mostly in pairs. Right at the back is a medium FoW base with just 3 figures on it though.  Doing all these figures in 2’s should give me plenty of flexibility when playing games other than flames of war. All the figures are either commissioned or noncommissioned officers and a collection of normal infantry. Some of the infantry have Panzerfäuste or anti-tank grenades but that’s not that common on these models, or in fact any of the models from Battlefront I have found.Now with the multiple platoons from Battlefront it was pretty certain that I would get some snipers in the packs and I did. So below you can see the three bases of those that I finished. I doubt I’ll ever need or want to use all three in a game but heck I have them so was going to paint them. They can always be normal troops in a squad as well.Lastly, with all the platoons I finished a couple of them included sets of Panzerschreck models as well. These for those unfamiliar with them are the German bazooka. This became more standard in the last year or two of the war.  I have ended up with six bases of these, so below are two shots of them, one showing their faces and another more the bases.You may notice that some of them have their weapons painted green and some beige. I was not sure what colour worked better so went with a mix. Again I doubt I’ll use this number of the units but heck I have the option now. These will be useful in later war games especially vs. Russians where they were used in supporting waves.So there we are. That’s all the basic infantry done. It’s not the end of the Germans though as you’ll see.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Remaining WW2 German infantry 

  1. John Hovey says:

    Very nice work! What system are you playing?

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks. Battlegroup is at the present my main focus WW2 gaming. I have in mind to do more Chain of Command, but that’s got a fairly steep learning curve. I have also played quite a few games of Iron Cross and love the simplicity of those rules but they just don’t work well in infantry heavy games I find. I have Peter Pig’s PBI to read but have not got to the point of being able to read/play that set yet.

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