Mantic space orks

I have been showing Germans for a while so as Monty Python said so well, now for something completely different. Below is a shot of my recently completed Mantic space orc ‘gang’. In this post I’ll include close ups of the basic Orcs, and in the next I’ll cover the other troops.To be honest I have been messing with these figs for a while – they came with the Mantic Deadzone game Kickstarter. However the real motivator to get them done was the release of the new shadow wars Armageddon box. There has been a decent amount of discussion of playing that in the club, but no actual games to my knowledge. I know others in the Toronto area are playing it though. So getting an opponent would not be hard. You will have to excuse the poor camera work on these models, as they were taken in daylight where things get a little shinny at times – sigh. I really do have to look into some better lighting sources for taking pictures.

The basic force has six orcs with a variety of weapons, two goblin snipers, two orcs in exoskeleton power armour and of course ‘da boss’. So this post will just focus on the basic troops. I was going to show them all in a single post then realized that would likely have too many photos in a single post to be sensible. So two posts it is.

The first two are the heavy weapons guy on the right and one with two large guns, one in each hand. You can see from these two that these models have a definite ‘pulp gangster’ feel to them, with baseball caps and trench coats. It’s a different theme than many orcs and makes them stand out compared to GW’s ones. Oh and yes I have some of them to do as well, at some point. These will be the specialists for the force, with the expert gunner and heavy roles.The heavy has a backpack tank so I suspect that model is perfect for a flamer or plasma weapon. Oh and I was never a fan of exact WYSIWYG in games as long as you can ask/tell opponents what a model has then it’s fine with me and how I would play anyway.that whole the model has to be exactly what they have smacks to me of expert modellers with loads of time and GW knowing it will increase sales in a skirmish game where needed model numbers are limited.

The next models are two sets of repeated figure poses. I believe two were extras came from a bonus in the Kickstarter. So to make them a little unique I just painted them differently. Hopefully you see the same theme colours running through them – the red trim and same colour caps etc but each model is unique. The basing is very simple with these models but it seems to work well. The basic nature of it actually works with the models I think. These guys are much more likely to be fighting in urban ruins or under hive settings than green grass. I have yet to come up with names for these models but these 4 are the ‘mooks’ of the outfit aka standard troops with few special skills. That may change over time though. The first two models are the more specialists of the orcs shown here.So there we are. Next post will show the other models in the gang. Got to say I like the models but they are still a nightmare to clean up… one reason I don’t have many Mantic models in my collection.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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