Mantic Space Orcs – leader and specialists

This post is really a continuation from the last one. if you have not seen that then you may want to look at it first. OK still with me so that’s good. As I mentioned in that post, the Orc group was really too big to do close ups of them all in one go, so I split that across two posts. In the first post I showed the normal troops in close up, so in this one I’ll show the rest of the Space Orc gang from Mantic. As mentioned I think these will be used mainly for Shadow War: Armageddon (or maybe a version of kill team or other Sci-fi rules), rather than the Deadzone game that they came in. Oh and again sorry for the bad lighting for the photo’s.

So let’s start with the big guys. That is the Orcs in exo-skeleton/powered armour suits. In typical Orc fashion these are big and clunky. Not that practical as well looking at them. They are armed with a wide variety of weapons for both close combat and ranged combat. I have to say that these are nice models. I especially like the half Cyborg one on the right. A real metal head.I tried to make these very metallic and clunky looking. I just can’t see anything Orc being too refined and it seemed to work. These were all the cleanest models of the group – needing the least clean up compared to the others.Next up are the Goblin/Grot snipers or riflemen. In the official ShadowWars rules these guys are not really available but I can see them being a fun addition to a force. The added dexterity of being small, which they normally have in backgrounds would make them valuable members of an Orc band if I do other rules. A better shot, especially at range, which the Orcs may need. They then provide that long range power to a very close combat/close range shooting type force.They could even be small young Orcs if I really wanted but I like the long time idea of a mixture of green skins getting on in a way. These small guys provide a service which the bigger Orcs either don’t want to do or more likely can’t do well.Last up but not least by any description is ‘Da boss’- or “Barone” as he is known to the gang. Oh and yes an original series Danger Mouse reference! As an aside, if you have not seen that TV series I recommend you do. If you have see it again. Danger Mouse (1981) was silly and fun tv for kids. It’s much better than the remake. It is still good and there are just not enough references to the martial art of ‘Kung Moggy’ on the web…


Ok back to the topic at hand. I really like this model and it give a different view of an Orc boss vs. the one GW style which we see a lot of the time. The figure is a mix of African dictator, Roman Emperor and Star Wars alien baddie, all pushed over the top Comic style. What can go wrong with that combination! He could be straight out of Guardians of the Galaxy. He has the same cap (in the same colours) as the rest of the Orcs in the group to match up with them. The rest of his clothing is over the top though. The pose is really good as well and I can see that stick he has being a ‘force weapon’ of some kind.

So as a last picture, here is a view of the back of the gang. Thats how I’ll see them on the table after all. These guys will be hitting a table soon and looking for trouble. With my die rolls and tactics trouble is likely to occur, often in the way which may get them all killed.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Mantic Space Orcs – leader and specialists

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Nice work, I think your painting style suits these Orcs really well.

    Having watched the original Danger Mouse and the new ones with my kids, I think you’re selling the latter short a bit. Still, there’s no accounting for taste!

    • mellis1644 says:

      The new DM did not ‘do it’ as much for me, but I only saw 1 episode. I don’t watch that much TV generally. I guess the old one has a place in my heart due to seeing it as a kid. Thanks for the nice words on my painting though.

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