Tigers in various forms

Ok so I have now shown all the German infantry that I have done so now it is time to get serious with some of the German tanks. First are a couple of Tigers. These were powerful weapons and started to really hit the battlefields in the middle of the war, making more and more of an impact – they were still feared right until the end. I have two for this force. The first has silver/clean metal cables on the decking. You can see a couple of pictures of that one below.The Tigers and Panthers I have done previously, will be the hard hitting armour in my later German forces – with StuG’s or Panzer 4’s being the typical support vehicle for the infantry. This is just as they were used in real life.The second tiger has a commander in the turret – something which was suicidal in combat, but allows for easy recognition. I painted the on deck cabling of this rust brown for a little different effect. Both these models are from the Battlefront range.Next is the tank up is the King Tiger. This is a monster of a tank and I only have one of these. The kit if from the Russian company Zvezda. They do a selection of 1/100 tanks which are light and cheaper than many other makes. They are not bad kits for that though, although the current can be harder to remove/spin. img_3313The gun on this monster is huge though and I can see why they caused some much fear. They are costly on the war-game table and they were in reality so one should be enough for me in my games. I can see why people like these though as this is huge tank for WW2.Lastly, another Zvezda kit, this one the Ferdinand or later called the Elefant. Another rare vehicle really, but one which often sees it’s fair share of table use. This is another tank I wanted to have as an option though as it will be an interesting one in playing games. I can’t see me needing more than one though for most games I’ll play.Both Zvezba kits went together fairly well – although they both did require a little green stuff here and there. They are clip together plastic kits but nothing is perfect. Overall though I can’t really complain about them. I always struggle with the colours for the tank tracks but I think these are ok.So there we are. As an aside, you can see I tried a different lighting technique on some of these photo’s as well. Not sure how I like that really but it’s more ‘moody’ than normal. I will try it again but likely will return to the usual one for most cases.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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