German StuG’s

Following neatly on from the Tigers I showed last, next I have some StuG’s. As I mentioned in the Tiger post I plan on using StuG’s and maybe Panther 4’s as a typical infantry support armored vehicle. That is because over the years when planning German forces I picked up some on them. Nothing more complex than that. Although they were a mainstay of German forces they were not a powerhouse of tank compared to the Tigers or the later Russian tanks. A solid workhorse though and a good match for T-34’s and Sherman’s in the mid war period, and capable all the way to the end of the war. So here are another 5 StuG’s – making my total now 7 painted so far.

First we have a commander for the couple I already have done and then a Ausf. F variant with the howitzer gun rather than the more traditional 7.5 cm gun used in the other versions.In real life it was common for the German army yo provide the tankers with paint and then each crew painted their own markings for camouflage on the vehicles. So I have tried to make each group of 3 tanks in a platoon slightly different. So you can see the differences in number and width of green markings on these below. The one with the commander out matches the first 2 StuG’s I did while the F version has thiner and less stripes.The next 3 are a separate platoon all the themselves. To make these different than the other ones they have spots vs. stripes in the green camo colour. I actually like how that came out and may do other vehicles like this or even other options. I have seen this as one of the styles of paint used on eastern front vehicles as well s the stripes so both are modeled on real patterns,img_3468These three make as a second platoon of StuG’s which should be more than sufficient for most games I would think. For the record, all these are from a Battlefront StuG box and I must admit I do like the slight variations they have on the different vehicles – in the junk thrown on them etc. They are nice models but putting on the side protection planes was a bit of a pain. So there we are more support or really alternatives for my German forces, especially as StuG platoons can be the main part of any force from 42 onwards. They would need support from infantry and the big cats but these give extra options when sorting out games.


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