Hillbilly gang in 15mm

Well back to an oldie for a little distraction this week. My 15mm gangster project got a kick in the arm with the release of the ‘mad dogs with guns’ rules a month or so ago from Osprey. Again I have not played them yet and may never do so, but this gave me motivation to get moving on finishing some of these models. I have been working on my WW2 Germans a lot and these are a little break from that – you’ll see more German stuff soon. We will see what the rules are like at some point but as I have all these models it seems a shame not to finish them off.

So here we are another collection of Bluemoon 15mm models. This time a hillbilly type gang. Great for a more rural setting or just the outskirts of a city. This is most of the pack. I have a few terrain pieces to finish off from the pack which include a still etc. Those are going to be a different post when I get to them.

As normal for these I have a simple front/back shot for each of the figs. These definitely have some character which is cool. I purposely went with a ‘dirty denim’ look and I think it worked out ok for this gang. They would even work just as well with my 15mm cowboy figs and the terrain. In actual fact I likely will use those building for the gangster figs/period as well. Note for some reason the blonde seems to have a bit of a blue parting in the photo below – but it’s not in real life…Ah well.The next set are fully armed – even including the lady – I suspect Mamma will be a gang leader in games as she definitely looks that way. Her and the models above should give a decent selection of combat characters for gaming.The next set are interesting. More useful as supporters than actual gang members. If I even get to play Pulp Alley with 15mm figs then these will be great for props and other people in the game. You don’t often see figs holding babies or playing the banjo so they are cool- especially in 15mm.Following the hillbilly theme, drinkers and ner-do-well’s are another interesting characters. The center one has a little weird face from a slight miscast but I’ll live with it. You can only really see this by looking closely at it – with such a group one with a deformity is interesting as well. Reminds me of the preacher. All these should be able to be fitted into games with relative ease. So there we are. Another set of figs ready for the table.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to Hillbilly gang in 15mm

  1. Tim Herrmann says:

    Inspiring. I have that set for to paint as a commission for a friend. I was going to go more multicolored, thinking modern ‘hillbillies’, but your use of predominantly denim actually makes more sense. Then they can be used from say the ’20s forward.

  2. Cool troupe and definitely something out of the ordinary. Do I hear a banjo in the background playing the Deliverance music?

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