German Marder 3 tank destroyers

Ok so for this post I return back to the theme I have been working on for a while – painting up my German WW2 army. It’s also Canadian thanksgiving this weekend so time for Turkey and eating too much, not for focusing on gaming this weekend. So for this post it’s some tank destroyers I have to show. All are from battlefront and part of the original army boxed set that I got many years ago. They were not the most effective weapons the Germans had but can be useful all the same. They are vulnerable in urban area’s and vs. infantry (being open topped) as well as not having enough armour to stand up against the larger Russian tanks. But they are fast and small which gives them some savings graces. In most games that makes their point values fairly low as well – which helps in game balance. That maybe did not make as much of a difference in real life for the crews though. I believe these were based on the chassis of tanks which were at that point outclassed on the battlefield. So somewhat cost effective to produce for the Nazi war machine.The paint effect is different than my other tanks but follows the same theme. This allows them to fit into the overall force nicely. They are small though and although the kits went together well they were a little fiddley. They seem very small compared to other tanks.Along with these I finished a few of the crew figures which come with the tanks. Most of these were for pinned markers at the time, but they are useful as generic wounded or other markers. I only did three of them as there are limits to the number which will be needed.Lastly in this post, is a small collection of wooden ‘dug in’ markers. Again these are from the original flames of war box set. I have not used these for a while in a game but as I have them it makes sense to paint them up. They may be useful at some point in games.So a few more recruits to my German forces ready for the table.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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