DAK platoon individually based 

So regular readers know I have been busy doing my German WW2 project, which will mostly be for the Eastern front, but can work for other European theaters. Meanwhile, the local guys have been coming up with a plan for a big group game this winter (Yippee), which based in North Africa (what…er wait a minute…we are doing what…ah ok whatever).

OK, I admit it’s not as bad as all that really.

I should mention that before I started this blog I already had done a Flames of War (FoW)  v1 Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) army.  So a North African mega game is really not a bad thing. I can use my DAK army or actually use this as an excuse to get a British 8th army force done to stand against my DAK forces. I always like to do match pairs of forces so that I can loan out figs to others for games if needed. So getting a British army done is not that much of a pain really for me. But it does mean more work painting WW2 troops but more of that when I get some of them done.

I did realize though that if I’m going to use my DAK forces for games other than FoW then I likely need some individually based DAK infantry figures. So after a trip to my local friendly game store which stocks battlefront miniatures, I picked up another DAK platoon to paint up. The figs have changed a little since I first painted my force but I did find a pack of metal models vs. the new plastic ones. The other issue in this though is that I don’t write down ‘paint plans/receipies’ or anything for old projects. I had to match the final effect of new figs with the existing ones as best as possible. Below is a picture of a couple of bases of the existing figures, which I used as a starting point for that.So, after playing around a little with various paints and effects I have got quite close to the original figures. They are not perfect but they are close enough that I doubt anyone but me, or a reader of this blog, will know they were painted at different times. All the other figs in this post show the new painted platoon. 

Below you can see three ‘command bases’ of the new platoon. These used a couple of the FoW bases as although the aim is to have figs based for other games I thought I could get away with a few bases with multiple figs – just not the standard numbers seen in FoW.The battlefront platoon had three LMG teams – all prone on the ground. Again, it did not make sense to have these separately based so I used more of the FoW bases for these. I like that the set did have some LMG’s set and in action.
Here you can see the same bases from directly above. Two have just the LMG figs and on the third I added a rifleman to the base. In this pose it makes sense to group these together.The rest of the figures are based on pennies. This gives the most flexibility for gaming. You can see below another 3 LMG figures from the pack based this way. These guys are lugging the guns forward which in another nice pose. The rest of the squads are just armed with rifles.I’m not sure if I got the DAK uniform colors correct the first time I painted these, but just like many German troops and vehicles the real colour seems to be open to debate or interpretation. The nice thing about using the light green as a base with fading for the uniform is that this is quite different than the Brits or Italians. This is the color which is shown in some of the color shots of uniforms I have in books. The effects of the sun fading it was drastic though but these guys will be fighting in fairly new kit I guess. As normal I used a wash on the flesh which works nicely. For the desert I have left a few of the figures with a heavier shade than normal. I expect that the fair skinned Germans suffered sunburns just like the rest of us. I purposely made the webbing slightly lighter in colour than it was in reality. This matches what I have done previously and at this scale the webbing tends to disappear unless something like this is done on it. Even black lining does not help that much without the extra emphasis. That and the helmet are nice contrasts to the uniforms, which I think helps make these figs work.So that’s 35 new figs – all that came with the DAK platoon blister. Their individual basing means that I can use them for all sorts of games. Having them also allows them to be used for remaining figs after my FoW bases start to take casualties if I start games using them.


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