Mantic Space Marines/Enforcer troops 

Well for a change here is another set of models from the Dead Zone Kickstarter I got a few years ago. These guys are the Enforcers or in reality Mantic space marines/storm troopers from what I can see. I must admit after painting them they are ok but I generally prefer the GW versions of armored troops. I guess it’s just familiarity but these guys look a little too ‘cheap tv baddies’ for me. These are ok model though, don’t get me wrong but just don’t do it for me really. However, they will get some use as well supplied security or army units etc in various sci-fi games. They may well even be a use in super hero games. After all super soilder forces or troops from the future are a common theme in such games as well. The full set of the miniatures are shown below in a group shot.So, for the first close up, I’ll show off four standard troopers. There are 2 poses here so I thought one picture would cover them all. As I have done these as a well supported force, it made sense to do them all in a uniform manner. Because of their armor these could even by future robot troops, as they do have a bit of the original robo-cop look to them.Next are the two ‘hand to hand’ figures. These both have a pistol in their left hand and some kind of blade extended from their right wrist. The one on the right seems to be dealing with an opponent on the floor, but it’s an interesting pose non the less. I tried to give the blades that sci-fi feel by painting them a light yellow blade. It works but it implies the light saber/power sword weapons seen in some universes. Below is a different angle of the same two hand to hand models. You can also see the basing that I did for these. Nothing that hard but I think it works foe these figs, giving an urban feel to them and contrasting with the hopefully plastic/man made armor look I tried to go with for the figures themselves.The last three figures are the specialists in the force. The heavy weapons trooper, the communications specialist and lastly the sniper. These three all are important to different styles of play but it’s interesting in such a small force that you get these different figures in deadline. Having not read those rules I’m not sure how they fit into that but for more generic gaming these give some nice options.A second shot of the specialist shows the other side of them. I do like how they have these in the set as it also gives some interesting ideas for scenarios, or at least reasons why a small crew of figs may get into a close firefight. The kneeing model I think is a drone operator, but I have yet to paint the drones so we’ll see what happens to them.Lastly, there is the leader of this group. He is the one in real power armor. As he also has a cloak and one of the powered/special melee weapons I at least assumed he was the leader.

This is not a bad model and more in line with space marines. I did the cloak purple as that is a very leadership colour. This guy does fit in well with the other troops though, so even if not the leader he gets the bling being the big armored figure.

Like many of the mantic models in this kickstarter (and range) the material that these models are made of is not the greatest. It works but I did not like it really. I don’t think that made such a difference for my liking of the models but it did not help when putting them together. But they are done now and ready for the gaming table.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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