Horizon Wars – Mechwarrior mechs/tanks

One of my fiends game me a ‘gift box’ of toys as he was clearing out of all sorts of models and stuff. I did appreciate this and yes I’m known to hate to throw things out, so I like to try to give old models new life in games if I can. Oh and yes that does mean that I have some ‘hoarder issues’ for my gaming stuff. The Mrs tells me that ever time she looks at my pile of boxes of stuff I have. That’s of course assuming you have not already worked that out from the amount of different things which I paint and show here…

Anyways, in one of the boxes was a small collection of Wizkids Mechwarrior models. Now this is not a game that I want to play or really have any desire to. There was only a few models as well. However, one game which I do like the look of is Horizon Wars which is another blue book game published by Osprey. I have yet to play that though, in part because I have only a limited number of models for it. I have the robot/mecha I did a while back – see here for them, plus I have my 6mm Vietnam War models I can use. Noether of these provide me any real huge sci-fi tanks or mechs. So these models are perfect for that and the change was not too much work !

Although to be fair sci-fi large battle games are not really my usual cup of tea. So these may just end up on a bring an buy at some point when I decide I won’t ever get them on the table…Only time will tell I guess.So above you can see the three rebased and ‘touched up’ mechs that were in the box. I did not really change the paint jobs that much but gave them more a real world look as well as made each one very different. This should allow all three to be used in games without too much effort. In 6mm scale these will be perfect for the large mecha in Horizon wars.

Next there were four big tanks/vehicles. These are more traditional war machines. I did repaint these so each of them looks different, which allows them to be mixed as needed. The first 2 are a massive tank and a huge hover tank. These will be good units to fight other tanks or mecha, and the gun on the hover tank is huge!Next, is another tank and then a repair vehicle. This second grey repair unit will be great for scenario’s etc and gives some more flexibility in games. I doubt it would be in a normal force though but will be an interesting objective and/or target for different games.

As these were given to me then I had no choice about the combination of units etc. I have but these should be enough for smallish forces for a 2 player game. It also means that I can use all these against say someone with Epic forces and try a slightly bigger game. GW Epic never really interested me but there are quite a few people around with armies for it and it even gets some game time around here I see.So there we are. A few big things in a small scale for other types of gaming – if I ever get to playing with them.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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