Horizon Wars – the rest of the mechwarrior figs

It’s been a busy week of work but I still have a little time to show the end of another project. As I said last time I got some mechwarrior models for free and decided to get them ready for Horizon Wars. This’s means those models will get some use and look different. This also shows what can be done with a very small amount of creativity for rebranding models.  This post is the second part of that work focused on the smaller models I got. I just had 2 bases of mechwarrior infantry and 5 bigger small mech/powersuit type models. There were no repeats in the set.

So knife in hand I took these off their bases and separated the models, then touched up the paint jobs and based them differently. Below you can see the  results of this and these will be useful for sci-fi infantry as well as vehicles. It provides me a selection of options in the 6mm sci-fi space style game I did not have.

First are 4 bases of heavy infantry – which will be power armour or special forces type models, who hit harder than their physical presence. Really these are the only models which show they are at the ‘wrong scale’, but I don’t care. I think mechwarrior was 10mm not 6mm. They will work for what I need and are useful for this type of game. I don’t have a lot of them which works out ok as there should not be many of them in any game anyway.Next are 5 sets of small robot/powered suites. In the toys I was given there were just these and no repeats. As I said these will work for various smaller vehicles (or robots) and the different sets means that even when putting two armies together I should have enough variety to provide and differentiate the various types of units on the table.All the models at least had some touch up and a wash to make them stand out and look better. They are not that bad models really but I hated the Mechwarrior basing they came in. That was all clumped together and did them no favours.Last, I include a shot of a combination of these models with a standard 6mm infantry model (actually a mortar team) in front. This gives the scale of these new figs. So these as you see can be good for vehicles or robot war machines in a future age.So there we are. A simple little rebasing and touch up project to get new life in these models. They integrate nicely with my 6mm Vietnam figs to make an interesting and cheap sci-for option for different type and time of games with the same figs.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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