Necromunda – original Delaque gang

Well with the release of the new Necomunda from GW imminent I decided that I should use this as a trigger to get some of my old gangs finished. I played a lot of Necomunda when originally released, but it was mainly the Cawdor gang which I used at the time. However, I bought most, but unfortunately not all, of the gangs then but did not paint them all. I did a touch up of the Goliath’s a while back – you can see that here. Another set I had was House Delaque. I had started painting these a couple of years after they were released but I never completed them. So nothing like the current time to finish that and I dug these out of storage to do just that. I also have tried the ‘new’ Games Workshop basing paints on these.

So below you can see the whole group together. I have 13 of the original metal figures which should be enough for most games and gives some flexibility. As normal after this group shot I’ll show each mini with front and back views.img_3958The bald with a great coat look for these mini’s made me make their skin very light. I believe that was in their background as well. Lets be honest the background of Necomunda means that all the gangs should be fairly pail – I doubt they get much sunlight to tan themselves without working on it. The fact that these guys all have ‘Riddick’ style eye glasses meant that this was emphasized even more in my head. So very pail skin it is for them all.img_3959img_3960As I mentioned the basing is done using the ‘cracking’ GW paint. I’m actually quite surprised as how well that has come out. I added some rocks on most of the bases just to give it more textured aspect. I also went over with a slightly paler color to add extra visual depth to the bases. I have seen it I’d be happy with them not having as big/obvious piles of rocks on the bases but that does still work. My only comment/feedback to anyone not trying these paints and wanting to is that because of the cracking of the paint the bases do needed a couple of layers of varnish to hold the effect in place. Without that the paint is easy to wear off. So I would not use this paint without a varnish afterwards. I will be using the paint again though for basing as it gives an interesting look.img_3961img_3962I decided to use the bright green and grey colours for the main colours of the gang. These work well with the pale skin to give a quite unique look to the models. I’m not sure what the official color scheme is for these but I usually try to avoid that as anyway. My painting is not good enough to compare with the best of the best – so having a slightly different color scheme means comparisons are harder. It works well for my ego that way anyway.img_3963img_3964Although not going for a purposeful for a ‘dirty look’ on the models I did wash the coats with a strong black wash. This was to give them some texture and character. I tried without doing that (just painting highlights etc and was unimpressed with the end result.

You’ll notice I also have numbered/marked the bases. There is no way that without that I’d be able to easily differentiate the figures in play. They are quite similar at the game table level at least. So they work well as a combined street gang, keeping to the same style.img_3966img_3965Finally, below are the leader and the heavy weapon guy. These are the heavy hitters for the command and firepower of the gang. They will be involved in most games. I guess we’ll see with the new version whether that’s still true.img_3967img_3968So there we are. Not the best painted mini’s (as always) but perfectly acceptable and a good table standard for playing some skirmish games in 40k’s Necomunda style. They also will work well for Pulp Alley and other games.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to Necromunda – original Delaque gang

  1. Markus Sharaput says:

    Nify – I’m waiting to see the new sculpts for these guys.

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Really nice work, and I would say that the quality of the skin tone is above your usual standard (or perhaps it has simply photographed better?). The bright green provides a nice contrast here to the drab grey of the coats.

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