German halftracks and anti-tank guns

So back to my current big project – building a full 15mm German army. One if the things I did not have were any halftracks for troop transport. So some Sd.Kfz. 251/1 were needed. These are D models – from build from ’43 from what I understand. I really don’t want or need a huge number of these but they are very much part of German tactical doctrine, so I should have a few of them.

Luckily, for me I got these three as a set as part of a free give away from a subscription deal of miniature wargames illustrated magazine a few years ago. So it seemed fitting to paint them up as part of this projectimg_3992The crew figures are from the kit (it did not come with a full load of troops) but I have to say these do not look like fun vehicles to spend a long time in. I suspect that it was a tight fit for a squad of troops in them, especially with all their kit. But better than walking and with more protection, so I suspect they were welcome transports all the same.img_3991As these are late models  (Aust D) with the more angular doors than earlier versions. So it seemed fitting to paint them like my later armour. They will work well providing protection for the grenadiers who often used them. If I use them for earlier models then I will deal with the incorrect models and paint scheme. img_3990Then I have some anti-tank guns. These are again late war models – very big guns really and useful against even the biggest Russian or allied tanks. I did the bases like the rest of the infantry but included a few bushes for added impact. I think they really came out nice in the end. They are I think PaK 40’s but will also work for PaK 43/41’s as well. They won’t work for earlier guns (which were much smaller) but at that point the Germans were on the offensive and anti-tank guns are much better in defensive scenarios than when attacking.img_3994These models came from the used bin of my local gaming store. They were very roughly painted and at least one of the gun barrels was broken. So it was a deal I could not refuse as they were cheap. The basing was awful as well. But I repaired them and although not well painted they were at least not thickly painted so I could touch up and repaint them without stripping the figures. The basing took more effort but I scraped it all off and fixed it. My painting is not sat an expert level but they are now good wargaming standard.img_3995So in the end all these models were obtained at bargain prices, but now join the ranks of my German forces like the rest. They all add some capabilities my force did not have, so so that’s an added bonus.


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