Gaslands cars

So with the new Osprey publication of a simple car combat game using templates similar to X-Wing (called Gaslands) we had to give it a go. Yes another case of the magpie syndrome but this is something that we have talked about in the past so it’s nice to see a professional style game for this. The plan is to play the game this week or two but to do that I needed some cars to play with! So a trip to the local discount store and I had a selection of hotwheels cars in my possession. Certainly some of the cheapest gaming toys I have bought for a while. But they don’t really look right for games without some reworking etc. I saw somewhere a statement that it’s a toys when wheels move while a model when the wheels don’t. This seems like a good definition for changing the toys to gaming models – but I wanted to do a little more than that.

Now after looking online there were a lot of blog posts and YouTube videos of customizing/painting Hot Wheels models but these were mostly for collectors and display models vs for car fighting game. So I thought I’d just have a go and try my usual style of undercoating and painting. Over all that seems to have worked out of though and you see the resulting three vehicles below.img_4062The first car I tried this with was some spooky ‘Frangula’ car. You can see the original version picture below. Although it could be used as is I thought it was worth redoing as this was a little to garish even for me!

Fangula hot wheelsI used a combination of white glue and super glue to stick the wheels in position. Then a did it a good coat of rustoloium black undercoat and away I went with painting for a ‘mad max’ style vehicle.

I used reds browns and a black wash to give a slightly beat up look. Part of the reason for choosing this model is it did not need any real modification for the wild combat look. It even has that pod on the hood which can easily be a weapon.img_4069I did the Kaji symbol of fast on the top of the vehicle as looking at it it seemed appropriate and needed something. I could have centered it better but as this is one of the first attempts I have made of doing something like this I was not that unhappy with the result. I think I’ll get do that again at some point though, but try to center it better.img_4068Just a shot at the rear here – you can see the highlights on the rear chrome and the engine from this angle.img_4067So after doing that I though I would try a more customized car. Still not going made though at this point. This is a an old camero with a spare Flames of War tank turret . It also has extra tank tracks across the windows as side protection. The same undercoating and a matte finish like the above car gives this a beat up look.img_4066This could be a partner with the first car or part of a different team. I thought the colours would end up being similar but I think I used more browns on this one. The car certainly looks weighted down which suits it having things like armor and a turret, thats for sure.img_4065Lastly, I tried painting a more sporty car. This one I did not finish with matte varnish but just left it with a coat of satin (future floor polish) varnish. The gloss gives it a different and new car look compared to the previous two. The car started as a black one with all the upper work glass. It looked ok at best so I like the final effect on this.img_4064Rather than putting weapons on this I thought to paint danger markings on the headlights – to indicate that there is a weapon behind them. After all the Bond cars always are fast but have weapons inboard so I thought this one would as well. Sleek and deadly.img_4063So there we are – some repainted Hot Wheels cars ready for the table this week to try out a new game. I’ll let you know what we think of the game after we play it.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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5 Responses to Gaslands cars

  1. More great work as usual. I’ve also bought the ruleset (Santa will be delivering it shortly). Have you bought the acrylic templates or have you made your own? Keep up the good work. Ken.

  2. dave2718 says:

    I’ve also picked up this set – some toy cars and the bitz-box and ready to go. The low entry cost is definitely a plus. I like the idea of the hazard markings to indicate weapons.

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