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Necromunda Van Saar Juve’s

Well in the process of getting my Old Necromunda figures touched up and rebased I though I’d show the Juve’s of the Van Saar gang. These are from the first edition of the game and were roughly painted by me … Continue reading

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German transport and support

So another post with some more German WW2 figures in 15mm. First a command squad, as after all you can never have too many commands. All these come from another of my 2nd hand purchases at my local friendly store … Continue reading

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MERCS:Recon Kickstarter extras

So in the process of closing out a few projects which were on my painting desk here is another one. These are the extra miniatures that I got for the base MERCS:Recon board game in the kickstarter. I really wanted … Continue reading

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Finishing up of a few projects

So for the first post in 2018 I’ll show some of the little projects which I finished up to close out the last year. All these would really not justify a post on their own (well they could but it … Continue reading

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