MERCS:Recon Kickstarter extras

So in the process of closing out a few projects which were on my painting desk here is another one. These are the extra miniatures that I got for the base MERCS:Recon board game in the kickstarter. I really wanted to get these painted so that I have the forces done – more completeness desire than anything else. They are extra player figure options for the two forces in the base game.

As a note, I don’t use a formula book which allows me to easily repeat paint jobs. So to go back to a project like this and paint extra troops to be the same is tough. I know some people do that but my creative ‘just do it and enjoy it’ mode for hobby stuff does not fit well to such planning. I think I did a reasonable job though and you can see the six extra figs below.If you want to see the original ones I did a couple of years ago then you can see them in some of the older MERCS posts from around Dec 2016.For the first lot there was a challenge getting the red/orange right. The photo’s here are ok but overall these work with the previously painted models. The light today on these did not help me taking good pictures. I am finding orange to be as hard to paint as yellows. Maybe that’s a reason that it’s not used on mini’s that much.The guy in armor and and cloak is an odd look as well. That is one that I would not normally go for, that but it kind of works. I doubt in reality the cloak is going to have any great effect for helping him hide, but what the heck.The other force are the green and grey crew. These are much more realistic in their patterns and color scheme. That to my mind does not work to really make them impressive as an end result though. The ‘realistic look’ is interesting and potentially makes these more useful in more realistic neo-modern games. Walking around a combat zone in red and orange is not really that sensible!These figs are interesting but again like many modern or sci-fi ones I have done them for the game vs. them really inspiring me. Maybe that affects how I paint them but I don’t think so. The models just are ok but do not that have wow factor for me. Finishing them though does mean that I have more options in the board game and for other games as well.There we are another lot of toys ready for the table. I can see them even being used for baddies pulp sic-fi or Superhero games, but I have to build out forces for such games.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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