Necromunda Van Saar Gang

Now it’s time to show the full original Necromunda Van Saar gang. All the models are shown below in the one group picture. This includes the Juve’s shown in the previous blog. Oh and yes just as with those Juve’s I seem to have collected quite a few of these models. I really I have more than you need for any normal gang. But that does mean I can use these for super hero games or other near future games. I nearly did the basing sand as these would work well for ‘Dune’ style games but I doubt I’ll ever really do that type of gaming so the grey works well for them.In this post I’ll highlight the 12 extra gang members finished for the gang. So yes 22 figures is a lot but that’s the collection I have. I could likely run 2 gangs from this lot, but I don’t have multiple leader or heavy weapons figures.

Talking of the Leader and the heavy weapons guys, they are shown in the pictures below. The leader has a plasma pistol while the other has a heavy booster or something. Pretty standard GW sculpts for the time and they painted up well enough.Then we get to the standard gang members. I have a few repeats of the poses but at least I tried to ensure the weapons are painted differently even if they are the same sculpt. I must admit the pistol and one handed rifle look is not a great sculpt IMO but that seemed to be standard one for this gang.At least the next pose is more realistic but is really another uninspired one. You can see the basing is again GW texture paint over some stones and texture, followed up with a good wet brush then a dry brush with progressively lighter colours. It’s not super stunning but does the job of providing a decent base for them. The next pose is at least realistic, aiming a rifle of some sort. It works and shows up the environmental suits well. As a background comment, I’m not sure why they are green for GW’s background. I nearly did them in a brown but as the old GW artwork paint colour was green I kept with that in the end. It does work but as mentioned a black or brown might have got a little closer to the ‘Dune’ stillsuites look.For the figures below, the one on the left seems to be a sniper or at least have such a rifle which is cool and useful. The other is the third instance of the pose two above. This one is quite different than the others in style of gun – a purposeful attempt to make them look a little different.Lastly, we have another weird pose with the two guns, and then the best of the lot IMO – a ganger with a bolt gun. The bolt gun is the classic 40k weapon and its nice to have a fig with one in this gang. His face is actually quite characterful as well for these figs. So there we are, a full gang of old style Van Saar models. I look forward to getting these back on the table again soon.

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