8th Army – Royal Artillery

Ok so time to start to show my next big project. This is a matching army to my German DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps) desert force. I hate having a force without an opposing one as well. I find that I can usually find people to play games with but it’s harder to find people to play games with, who own the right matching forces. So to play historical games with people this really helps! This also allows me to host games and run games in the local group for people who don’t paint toys – as well as those who paint much better, but sower than I do. Added to that the local group has a project for us all to get the desert forces for games and this means I’ll have 2 forces for this period.

So back to the desert for me in WW2. A good place to start is the Royal Artillery. These were key in the desert where the 25 pounder guns were used for both Artillery and anti-tank direct fire roles at times. The later more because the Brits did not have a great deal of effective choices in that role early in the war and these worked! So needs must and the 25 pounder was an effective and very fast weapon. I remember a comment that the Germans often thought these guns had auto-loaders because of the speed of fire that the crews maintained.The advantage of showing these first for me is this gives me a nice intro to the project. It allows me to show the colors I’m using for the sand, vehicles and troops all in a single post. So you can see those in the pictures in this post. You can see the 4 bases of guns, crew and the ammo trailers in these pictures. All these figures are form Battlefront and in fact I like have had these again for many years – easily over 10 years. They are slowly being pulled out of the large lead and plastic pile and getting painted. So this is helping me reduce the lead pile – well if I would stop buying more toys…The next pictures pictures show the models closer up to give a better view of them. I have tried to change pretty much everything on these compared to the DAK forces I have already done so there is no issue of identification on the table. I was also not sure of exact colours of the real forces. Doing some research there seems to be a lot of variation and the climate really impacted the colours especially in the uniforms.Part of the model set included a command group. I have the standard command figures as part of the general figures and will show them separately, but below you can see the targeting/command table. I liked this little scene so included it here. The map is something which I created with some paper, and a couple of fine pens. I liked how this came out so thought I would highlight it as well. It was actually pretty easy to do.So there we are are the first of quite a few posts around this force, which I’ll be showing. So these should see some time on the table soon as well I hope.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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