8th Army – Infantry Sections

OK so I have been really busy with travel and work in the last couple of weeks so have dropped a little in my usual schedule of posts, which I try to do every week. So time to add this post to show you some more of the 8th army figures I have completed. This post is simple one with a few bases of standard infantry. First you can see 8 full bases of infantry below. All these are metal Battlefront models. img_4628You can see the same models in a bit more detail in the shots below. You can see I have gone with  a colour scheme for the models which aims to work in the desert. The packs and webbing that the figures all have is a little darker than might be expected, but thats because it works as much as anything else. There is not a massive contrast between the packs and the uniform but it is enough and works in my opinion.The helmets are the only things which have a black wash on them. I tried that and it really seemed to help with them and differentiate them as metal from the rest of the uniform. The rest of the models all have a dark flesh wash which provides a couple of things. First it help with the lines between the different colours in the uniforms. It’s not as stark as black lining but does work. It also added depth to the folds and lines in the packs/webbing etc etc. I added the light socks and the flesh highlights after a wash of the models, which help to differentiate them as well.Lastly, as well as the above 8 bases of standard infantry, I have the obvious support units. So the first to show is a platoon of heavy machine guns. These should be useful especially in the flat area’s of the desert where there are less terrain to disrupt their fields of fire. Well that’s the plan anyway.All these models have a standard flat varnish to protect them and we’ll see how well they hold up in the long term. So there we are I’ll show more soon.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to 8th Army – Infantry Sections

  1. Mark Haughey says:

    Looking good. I avoided black lining my Western Desert troops by using a brown undercoat. I then tended to dry brush a light colour rather than a wash (except for flesh which I now do on my 15mm WW2 figures using a brown wash).

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