8th Army – Sherman’s M4s

I have shown the artillery and some infantry so time to show the tanks! Also as it’s Feb 28th seemed I have to post today to get it in this month…

So here you can see the 3 Sherman M4’s (I think – they may be M4A2’s). These will be the core armour component of my later desert war armies. The Sherman was the one of the standard tanks in the British forces in the later desert campaigns due to it’s general availability and usability. It was a lend lease vehicle but that made it more available in the desert than the British made tanks in the later aspects of those campaigns. The Sherman’s first saw action at the Second Battle of El Alamein in October 1942 and were around in every fight after that in some form.
img_4671The paint camo style is one I saw when doing my research for the desert vehicles and I thought was real striking. It’s simple enough to do as well but unique to the Brits – at least in the desert. I believe it or something similar was used in ’41 and maybe into ’42. However, I have taken the idea of it and used it on all my tanks for this army to be consistent. It’s simple and yet effective I believe in a 15mm scale. img_4670Two of the tanks have the 50 cal machine gun on the turret while the other has the commander out of the hatch. This makes it easy to have one of the tanks a command/officer tank. All these come from Battlefront – standard metal/resin Flames of War packs I have had for many years.img_4666If I so wanted and was to play Flames of War then a second platoon of M4A1’s would not go spare. These welded Shermans (they have sharp corners on the hull) and the M4A1’s which have more rounded hulls were intermixed in the field from what I have read. A second platoon could be used. However, for the desert I have other tanks, as you’ll see in later posts so I did not see the need for a second platoon. I should have enough different armor in my forces so I just have three of these for now.


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1 Response to 8th Army – Sherman’s M4s

  1. Awesome camo – and you can never have enough Sherman tanks! I would love to start some 8th Army stuff on a big sandy table. Never enough time to all the hobby things you want to do!!!

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