8th Army – Transport Trucks

Ok so let’s see if I can get this back to posting on or around weekends…

This next post shows a key element of the desert war but one which is not that glamorous – transport trucks. Transport was a key to success in the desert campaign. It was needed for food, gas (petrol) and general supplies/ammo as well as for moving troops. So I could not do the 8th army without having some trucks.

First are three here are smaller ones. These are useful for moving infantry squads/sections to be closer to the front in games, as well as providing potential targets in scenarios.I have kept the same theme and base colors as I have used for all the vehicles. I found little evidence that they ever did any real camo on trucks so I just went with base colours. I used a tan with lighter highlights for sun fading/wear which I think looks good. I’m actually quite pleased with how they have come out.Next are four larger trucks. They are pretty much the same as the smaller ones but with more carrying capacity via a larger bed in the back. All these are battlefront resin models from an old 8th army starter pack.The extended carrying capacity makes these more useful in real life. With all 7 of them I should also be able to run some decent Amish scenarios, even though the Germans were not the best known for such things.Actually that brings up an interesting point. As I hardly ever paint/l or add the specific force/side markings to vehicles. So in theory these can be used for German/Axis trucks with ease as well. It was well known for both sides to use captured transports so that’s perfectly reasonable in any game.


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