Run and Bones – First undead pirates

Ok now for something different. As I have mentioned before, one of the ways I keep painting things is to swap when I have had enough of a project and do something different, then come back to it. So now is one of those times – but don’t worry the 8th Army will be back next week.

However, a long time ago now I backed the first Rum and Bones Kickstarter. I really liked the models that it had and we played a few games but I never really got around to doing anything with the figs. I also did not play it that often as it was unpainted…So now, long after Rum and Bones v2 was backed an delivered and is also sitting in my to be painted pile, I’m going to change that.

Here you can see the first set of undead pirate figures I have competed from the original base game. These are 8 identical models. In fact in the base game there are 3 sets of 8 models and then one set of 6 which make the standard ‘troops’ of a force. Just because these are pirates though I wanted to have each of the figures be unique. For the human sailors I may make them more standard but Pirates (even undead ones) I don’t believe roll that way. Maybe I have seen too many Adam and the ants videos as a kid…You can see what I have done with the basing below. Because the game is based on a ships I wanted to make the bases planks. It does not make sense to flock the bases and as a board game I dislike flocking figs for them anyway.  It’s not prefect, but hopefully I’ll get better at that. But it works for rough planking which suits an undead pirate group as well.img_4823Below you can see the close up pictures of the first 4 miniatures. You can see the details of the models and the different colours – both of clothing and skin. In the end I went a little brighter than I would have done normally to making them stand out. After all there is no point doing a dark wash just because they are dead!img_4828img_4827Below are the second set of 4 models. This set nicely shows the various skin colours and effects I used on these models. Although it makes no difference in the game it does at least make me feel that they have some different character. img_4826img_4825So there we are the start of another project from my side of things. There is a whole collection of really cool character models in this game for me to get too but I need to get the standard troops done first. Do hope to use these for the Osprey Ghost archipelago rules as well as the board game.

Note, one of the things which I have noticed is most of the painted Rum and Bones figures shown on the web are done by ‘professionals’ or really good painters. I try but I believe you’ll find this thread will show a reasonable painters attempts at the models.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to Run and Bones – First undead pirates

  1. I think your undead pirates look good and I am sure the characters will be even better. I really like the variety in colours as it reflects the irregular pirate nature well.

    Some suggestions: to differentiate surfaces more you could use black or brown lining in the end. Some controlled washes are also a good way to add depth and definition. In general I would recommend to thin your paints more.

    The bases look the part, but here too you can achieve better results using real wood and staining it or Plastic Card that you score with a steel brush to simulate wood grain. A thin wash afterwards of grey brown and green will give a nice effect of old, weathered wood.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks and yes I think more black/brown lining may be of value. As a comment I did not want to do much with the bases other than paint them because as this is a kickstarter board game I was cautious not to make basing which was too hard to do time wise… I have well over 100 figs to do for this project (maybe even 200) so did not want to go wild with using real wood etc. Although I agree that would look better. I’m hoping in all these figs I can refine my technique and get better It is better than doing some kind of flocking though. 🙂

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Looking good, especially the bases. They do look like they’re in the middle of a dance routine though; in particular the first picture with all eight together and facing the same way.

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