8th Army – Matilda 2 Infantry tank

Well so far this month I have not touched a paint brush in anger! With me back on the road this week for work I suspect that will mean I won’t do anything till at least Easter. Maybe Easter Friday will allow me to do something. This weekend I spent most of the time trying to sort out some of my ‘lead pile’ and much to the horror of the Mrs I’m not getting rid of any of it. But it’s all sorted out a little more now and I remember all the projects I have to start. I do have a large painting backlog I will say that, but so do most of us…

Anyway, back to the desert for this post and one of the mainstay tanks of the British campaign the Matilda 2. This was an effective infantry tank – i.e. designed to support the infantry vs. charging around in anti-tank actions. Not great but not bad. They were slow, fairly well armored and with a reasonable gun. This turned out to make them much better than some of the other British tanks, which were lacking punching power as well as protection. For this time of the war a fairly well rounded tank. That means it makes sense that I needed some of these in my desert force.img_4673These have the same paint scheme as the tanks I showed earlier and it still works for them. These models are all from Zvevda (the Russian manufacturer). They are decent models and approx. 50% the cost of the battlefront versions. The tank barrels are a little thin in plastic but they would have the same problem in metal and so that may be more of a problem for them.  img_4672I could have ‘gone to town’ and got a lot more of these. However, as I mentioned in a previous post I prefer smaller scale fights in WW2 rather than big actions. So a platoon and a command tank are likely enough for what I need/want. With all the other platoons of different tanks I have they should be ok.img_4664Finally, a shot from above just to show them from this angle. So these are another nice addition to my British desert forces.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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