Rum and Bones – squid sword undead

So after a battle report and a few posts of the desert troops, its time to change it up and show some more Rum and Bones models. These are more of the undead pirate crew from the first game, this lot with dead squids on the end of their swords! They are another of the ‘odd’ poses for the undead pirates but heck. I’m actually looking at my Zombicide Black Plague figs I have and may start doing those as well, as that’s one of my favorite games… The current Zombicide in space game is another that I’m going to buy into so I need to start to get some of my to be painted backlog done. I have said I want to try to get 2 of my large Kickstarter games done this year so maybe it’s this and that system… I will say that having the models painted in a game does make a huge different to the overall feel and enjoyment of the game, in my opinion anyway.

So back to these figs. I tried to make these nice and colourful, I actually did the squids with 4 colours so you can see them all below. I nearly did each one unique and then decided that the set of 2 was alright. It’s hard to claim these are realistic so it seems silly to try to do too much in that style. So better to just go with it – weird undead pirates. They  will be bright and I wanted to ensure that each model was a unique color scheme even if they are the same models.  Below are the close up pictures of each one, which will allow you can see the models in detail. Again they are done to IMO a good tabletop level. They won’t win awards but are way better than the bare plastic. The models are the usual CMON plastic and have a decent amount of detail but not the same level that you get in metal models. So they do take a little different style of painting. Thick paint hides the details so it’s thin coats and highlights/dry brushing which I find works best.All these have the same ‘deck planking’ base effect. Although not great it is fairly simple to do and does work, especially on the table top when playing the game, as you can see in the first photo. I’d love to do real wood as that adds a lot to the texture but I have some many toys to paint that I just want to get these done and to a decent tabletop state.So there we are. Still more of these to go before I even finish the full force is done but this is now moving towards getting the undead crew table ready.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Rum and Bones – squid sword undead

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Nice, another dance troupe 🙂 The painting works well, I think you’re way above ‘better than the bare plastic’.

    Is there some joke or reference that I’m missing with the squids? Or is it just a bit of straight-up weirdness?

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