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Black Plague – Zombicide

So I guess I have a confession to make – Zombicide ( all the various versions) generally are one of my favourite board games to play. Yes it’s not massively deep or complex but it’s fun, a little silly and … Continue reading

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8th Army – Bren Gun Carriers

So I’m nearing the end of this project. I have enough toys to do various games with at this point. But it’s time to show some more of them. This time it’s 9 Bren Gun (or Universal) carriers for the … Continue reading

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8th Army – Objectives and a Grant tank

A quick post this week of a couple of items for my desert army. First two objective bases. These can be useful for all sorts of games or just as terrain but are the official ones which came with the … Continue reading

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Necromunda Cawdor gang

Ok I have been showing my 15mm desert war stuff for a while but now is time to have a bigger post of figs and of a different scale. I feel some of those posts have been a little ‘eye … Continue reading

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8th Army -Infantry platoon round out

So time to show the rest of my infantry which have been based individuality for use with Chain of Command/force on force style games. These round out the different figures that I have and should give me enough for pretty … Continue reading

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