Necromunda Cawdor gang

Ok I have been showing my 15mm desert war stuff for a while but now is time to have a bigger post of figs and of a different scale. I feel some of those posts have been a little ‘eye candy’ light so it’s time to change that with this post, which is picture heavy. Included are the touched up/redone original Cawdor gang from Necromunda. You can see them all below.These were my favorite faction in the original game and I got several good campaigns in with these figures. I have redone the basing, touched up the painting and added more highlights/contrast to the figures. You can see the detailed pictures of the figures – front and back below.  I always try to keep to a theme with forces and use a limited or specific set of colors. With these it was pretty easy, with the original colours I used being browns, greens and purples. The last was kind of highlight or emphasis colour on them. There are a few other bright shades mixed in – the leader is most obvious with orange and some blues here and there as they are a gang after all.I always liked the standard gangers of this group. They look to have a the ‘futuristic medieval throwback’ style. In some ways it’s quite similar to what some tv shows do to give a different feel of cultures. We’ll have to see if the new Cawdor sculpts have the same appeal to me as these.The hooded look had one extra side effect – which is that I don’t need to pain the faces. When I first did these that was a big deal. It helped me get through them, but I think my painting has improved these days to the point that I’m less worried about that now. The basing is a mixture of two of the GW new textured paint colours and some light highlights after the fact. I must admit I quite like the overall mixed effect but I have been trying to do a different basing style for each of these redone gangs. It provides just enough context to them to make them interesting though.There are a few repeats of the poses, as is common in the old packs. However, I think these are reasonable and still look decent for their age – and travels, having been with me since the original release of the game in the mid 90’s.  The leader is the orange cowled guy with the chainsword. He stands out nicely on the table so just like the heavy guy there is no confusing him with another model. The fact that he is the only one with a chain sword makes him unique as well.Overall, I’m happy with how these have come out and they really did not need too much work. Their basing was awful (well basically I did nothing with them), and they had basic block painting but the touch ups have brought them out nicely. So it’s cool to have another go at them now. So there we are a load of pictures of models in this post. Another gang ready for the revitalized under hive.

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  1. They look cool man. Appropriately rag tag

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