8th Army – Bren Gun Carriers

So I’m nearing the end of this project. I have enough toys to do various games with at this point. But it’s time to show some more of them. This time it’s 9 Bren Gun (or Universal) carriers for the army. I believe this is the most produced fighting vehicle in history but in reality they are not that impressive on the table or in real life. It’s a combination Jeep, halftrack, truck as the ultimate army utility vehicle.First I have three with heavy machine guns mounted on them. Although having four crew as standard most of these particular models came with 3. All these models in the post are the old metal battlefront versions. I believe they now have a plastic kit for universal carriers as does PSC, but in the end I’m not sure I really want a lot more of them in any force.They will be used for transport and scout units. Like the halftracks of the Germans/US they really were transport vehicles than a fighting ones most of the time. I’ll try to remember to use them as such on the table as well! The six remaining ones have no obvious weapon and will be for just such a transport role – allowing for fast deployment of infantry squads to the right location on the table. If troops get caught in them then that’s not a good thing as they really don’t have much protection for them to hide in. I believe they were very maneuverable, reliable and adaptable which made them perfect for a massive number of roles for the British army. It’s just that front line combat was typically not one of them.The one combat use on the table they will have is it can have is as a mobile carrier platoon. They rode to the rescue in these things (in theory anyway) in the fast reaction role. There were meant to be 10 carriers in such  platoon but mine will have 9 in any event as that’s all I have. So their use as reserves in various games may be the right tactic.So another platoon ready for the table. As you can see I even have one with an officer in it – so I can see these dropping off an infantry platoon and then getting out of dodge pretty quickly.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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